Living in the US? 10 Reasons to Pass the American Citizenship Test

You have already made the big move. You have moved to the USA. You have been living there for many years and you are probably very content. You already hold a Green Card and you are considered a permanent resident, so why not be a citizen in the country you are living in?

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As American citizens you will be able to enjoy the following advantages:

1.           You will not need to renew your Green Card. When you become US citizens you will not need to renew your Permanent Resident status every 10 years. You will also be free from carrying your Green Card with you on a daily basis.

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2.           Your passage across county borders will become much easier. Your exits from the USA and especially re-entries will become much easier. You will no longer need to stand in long lines at the borders and in the airports. US citizens have easier access, their lines are separate and usually shorter and the examination is not as strict. You will also enjoy easier access to additional countries around the world. You will be able to visit many countries with no need for a special entry visa.

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3.           You will not lose your status following prolonged visits away from the USA. Permanent residents who leave the US for a period exceeding 180 days may lose their status as they return. As citizens, even if you stay away for long periods, you will not risk your right to return.

4.           The chance for deportation will decrease. Permanent residents are exposed to deportation in case they are involved in any law-breaking situations. US citizens are not likely to be deported.

5.           If you are US citizens, your unmarried children under 18 years of age are automatically US citizens. Of course, they need to be permanent residents and under your legal custody.

6.           As US citizens, you will be able to request for immigration of your family members to join you in the US. Citizens are entitled to request immigration of more types of family relations. Citizens may request immigration for parents, siblings and married children. In addition, the time period for this request will be much shorter than required for permanent residents.

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7.           Taxes and financial planning. Your financial status will change as citizens. You should contact an expert CPA to discuss your financial advantages as US citizens.

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8.           You will be able to vote and to run for public office.


9.           You will be able to hold a USA Passport. As citizens you will have the right to apply for a US passport as well as be entitled to assistance from US embassies and consulates while visiting different countries around the world.

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10.        You will be able to be accepted to government job positions, entitled for grants and other benefits. Some government positions require the candidates to be US citizens. These include local, state and federal governmental position levels. Many of the funds and scholarships are given to citizens only.

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