The Learning Process

As soon as you contact us, you will hold a primary conversation with Tal Cohen, our manager

During this call we will find out:Pencil

–      Have you already received a date for the interview?

–      Have you tried to pass in the past?

–      A bit about your English knowledge

–      Whether there are any limitations

–     learning disabilities or any other problems


A client file will be opened for you and a tutor will be assigned to take you through the process according to your own pace

You will be asked to sign an agreement and payment will be made via Transferwise according to our instructions

The tutor will contact you via WhatsApp or Skype – whatever is convenient for you.


You will set dates for your future sessions.


You may consult your tutor about setting a date for your interview at USCIS

Before each session, your tutor will send you a PDF file containing the questions and answers you will be studying at the next session.

The file will include questions and answers in English, translated to Hebrew. Since part of the answers depend on the state you live in, the file you receive will include the answers which are specifically right for you

During each session, your tutor will teach you to answer up to 10 questions out of 100.


You may change the learning pace at any stage – increase or decrease according to your decision – as long as it is limited to the package of 10 hours.

IMPORTANT: betweenEditing 1756958 640 sessions you have to study the learned questions and answers and be ready for a quiz the tutor will hold at the beginning of each lesson about all you have learned so far.

When you reach half-way – a conversation will be held with Tal to make sure you are satisfied with the process

As you go along, you will realize how skilled you become in recognizing the questions and providing quick and correct answers

During the last lesson, your tutor will test you on all 100 questions.

In addition, during the USCIS interview, you will be asked to read and write sentences related to the topics you have learned. The materials for these tests may be found in our website and you may ask for assistance from your tutor towards this part of the interview.


Following your citizenship ceremony we will be happy to receive a few words from you describing your personal story so we can be happy Stu

for you and maybe even publish it on our site

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